On (Partial) Retirement and The Future.

How many posts have I made now saying that I'm "taking a break" or "I'm done with the blog?" I don't know and I don't really feel like counting, but it's higher than I would like to admit. For quite a while there in 2018 we were on a roll, then I accidentally burned myself … Continue reading On (Partial) Retirement and The Future.


Leji Matsumarch Announcement Post

Last year I did a month filled with theme posted and I had a lot of fun. It was called "Go Nag-April" where I reviewed or just talked about a myriad of manga and anime from the mind of Go Nagai. Right after that I had the idea for another month called "Leiji Matsumarch" but, … Continue reading Leji Matsumarch Announcement Post

Where to Really Start with Lupin III (And Every Other Media Franchise)

A while back I made a post about where new viewers should jump into Lupin III. I presented a multitude of places to start. Green Jacket, Red Jacket, Pink Jacket, Blue Jacket, Woman Called Fujiko Mine (which is a recommendation I've decided to take back upon a rewatch), and of course Castle of Cagliostro. Looking … Continue reading Where to Really Start with Lupin III (And Every Other Media Franchise)

What Does “Good Art” or “Bad Art” Even Mean?

In reviews, there's this weird thing across the board where writers will refer to the quality of the visual elements of a work as, "good art" or "bad art." But I'm a bit confused by this phrase. And by that I mean, I don't get what it's actually supposed to be conveying. I would hope … Continue reading What Does “Good Art” or “Bad Art” Even Mean?